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Is a shadow a three-dimensional object? I am proposing that we are 3 "objects" in one being. We are the light, the body and the shadow

A shadow is a 3d object, because we live in a 3d world right?

So that means they have, length, width, height, volume and mass?

And the body is just "shadow" or matter that reflects light, like a mirror, or the moon


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  • Mar 9 2013: Hi, Casey !

    Is shadow an object ?
    Shadow doesn't exist without a 3D object; it doesn't have its own length and width, but is the distorted image of 3D object. Can we say that shadow is the 4th dimension of 3D object ? So, 3D object with shadow is a 4D object, that is an image of 3D object which is an image of 2D object ( field of information, maybe ) , which is an image of 1D object ( have no idea what it is ) which is the image of something else ? So, our collective mind inhabits the shadow of a shadow of a shadow...and makes it real.

    Does it make sense ? :)
    • Mar 9 2013: Hi nn

      To me the first approach would be to recognize ...Fully...the experience/existence of Non-reflected light ...it is "us" before any material "us" light. Non-refekected light is self eliminated and therefore it and all images associated within have no shadow.
      • Mar 10 2013: Hi Ed !!!
        Could you tell more about "the experience/existence of Non-reflected light ..." ?

        Thanks !
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          Mar 10 2013: no light needs something to reflect off

          Check out this video

        • Mar 10 2013: Hi!! nn well the quick and easy first approach

          is to just close you eyes and visualize ...something and thing ...note the quality and characteristics of the light in that visualization...is there any shadows there?

          With conscious and consistent / love guided / observation practice ...you will also note that the quality of this light shifts in direct proportion to your relaxing and observing. Some say it becomes" more jewel like" ...another way of describing its "Self-eluminated" - ness. IOW Non-reflected....the light of the "origin" or "source" itself.

          further note

          just watched BBC's The History of Russian Art" and reminded that this is the 100 anniversary of Kandisky's Painting No. 7 ....and the lead up to The Black Square. Living proof that "Back-ness" (( so called by the corporeal mind)) is the source of light
      • Mar 10 2013: "Black Square", Oh, yes... maybe now i see what you mean.
        " Black Square" is a kind of aschatological object ; the end is the beginning, the light is there, not yet reflected... OR/ AND.... the " Living proof that "Back-ness" (( so called by the corporeal mind)) is the source of light "
        iow. he who knows does not speak.
        Jackson Pollock and Kandinskiy are my favourites, the most accurate/rich reflection of light before/after rising into radiant darkness, Non-reflected light !
        Thankus !
        • Mar 10 2013: Hi back

          there is a "place" in the journey to Noetic which the sUfi call "Luminous Black" and it is very very real and very beyond description in words....Henry Corbin discusses it in his "Man of Light" / Iranian Sufism ....one could say it is the outer limits of ones' HUman BEing-ness ability to enter the Noetical.

          I for one believe that Malevich was after that "place" the time period would fit the expansion of consciousness happening in Europe ....there have been many attempts at on the edge black ...good stuff :-)

          and Yes!!! to ThankUs!!
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          Mar 11 2013: They are one and the same arguing from where the "light" source is would just lead to sanity ....oh wait we already have that here on earth.

          The path that I chose leads to one or 2 ends the 1)is death normally suicide and 2) insanity..... luckily for me I was able to figure out a way to give up choice/ego in a very weird way I got a DUI that I wasnt drunk or intoxicated but lead me to spending 5 days in jail ...an a true prison. One that was created by men for men. That was the best thing that could ever happen to me
      • Mar 10 2013: The very words 'Let there be light!' pushed darkness into existence, as a recognition of light ; and existence itself with time/space and all that fallows.Existence is a kind of a device that breaks 1 into 2 and division grows exponentially.
        Every 'thing' is what it is and what it is not, otherwise there is no thing, 'nothing' To be in only the light, in 'no time' zone means not 'to be '
        Can we be and not be simultaneously ? In fact, we always are.
        "HUman BEing-ness ability to enter the Noetical " is probably the effort to bring to 'to be' something from ' not be ' ...
        My language capacity betrays me :)


        Luminous Black is the recognition of Radiant Light ' like is known by like ' .
        • Mar 11 2013: Hi back

          yes as "dimension-ality" increases 4th , 5th 6th time/space are not. then Only existence is
      • Mar 12 2013: Once upon a time, there was a student who went to a math lecture. When the lecture was over, he approached one of the other students, and said,
        "I couldn't follow that at all. The professor was talking about rotating 8-dimensional objects! How am I supposed to visualize something rotating in 8 dimensions?"
        "Easy," replied the other student, "you visualize it rotating in N dimensions, then let N go to 8."
        —old joke :)

        Hi, Ed !
        Did i understand you right ? :)
      • Mar 29 2013: There is bio luminescence. But we don't have that.
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      Mar 10 2013: At natasha nikulina It does have its own length and can even big bigger and larger then the 3d object that created the shadow
      • Mar 10 2013: So, there are no shadows in pure light , right ?

        Reflected light creates shadow and it has a kind of will of its own it may be bigger or smaller, than the 3D object, it projects. A shadow is distorted image of the source.

        Or ...just everyday experience : In a shadow of a big house a tree doesn't cast shadow.

        So, in the shadow there are no shadows either.

        It means that the absence of shadow unites two opposites : the light and the darkness, they are one. Be-ing divides one into two and resides in indeterminate zone, in between.
        Just thoughts :)
      • Mar 10 2013: About video, it's great ! :)

        It may mean that the light of the "origin" or "source" itself is not patterned hence can't be perceived and understood. It is not even ' light' in usual sense, as well as a moment is not a moment in ' no time zone ' There is no chance for rational mind to enter there.
        Anything that can be understood gains a shadow of 'not quite true' When multiplied by the centuries of scientific exploration " not quite true' becomes utterly untrue.
        On the other hand what can be untrue for Absolute Truth? By the end of rational exploration we come to the irrational values of love..., dream, intent , idea of oneness that must be irrationally embraced. It's how the world really works.
        So, we end where we started ...
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      Mar 11 2013: Light creates shadow not something like out house, its just the image that the shadow takes on
      • Mar 12 2013: Yes, it looks like true :it's just the image that the shadow takes on.
        To avoid the shadow of language ambiguity here, just an example : a human mind captured in its own strong belief system is under the illusion/ image/ shadow of truth, while open mind reflects the light and sees shadows, that light creates... so it is aware that what it sees may look true enough, but it's not the Truth.
        Does my example has any relevance to what you meant ? :)
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          Mar 14 2013: This is how choices should be made

          What would Jesus do?
          He would try to relate to the person, whether from his personal experiences or from someone else’s experiences/knowledge (parable). And respond with knowledge/wisdom that he would want to hear if it was he who came to them for help.
          That’s what Jesus would do.
          Do on to others as you would have them do on to you.
          If you imply this concept to the most fundamental parts of life you would have intuition.

          The hardest part about this is how do you relate to a person so it comes off as if the knowledge is from them selves. This is why is hard to do the "do unto others as you would have then do unto you" The answer has to be common sense. Not to the person (in this case Jesus) but to the other. It has to be their common sense not his.

          "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, who said it, no matter if I said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." ~ Siddhartha Gautama, founder of Buddhism
      • Mar 12 2013: Re :The path that I chose leads to one or 2 ends the 1)is death normally suicide and 2) insanity..

        Sanity would just lead to the alienation from the society, in some sense. But what one would be alienated from is inane insane and dangerous.
        So, maybe the third way should be preferred .

        What did you get there, in jail , if you don't mind me asking.

        Thank you !
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          Mar 14 2013: I had to figure out how giving up choices gives up ego. To remove my ego or my choices. Which is what most gods are asking for their followers to do. One way to do that is to commit suicide(think mass suicides) ultimately ended your ability to choose. With insanity you actually lose your ego and most likely super-ego. You make choice that you would not normally make because chances are they start listening to the voices in their head which in theory are just fragments of their own personal thoughts trying to reform the "ego" back into their consciousness. These voices are most likely past life's(spirit guides) trying to teach the person how bring balance back into them or could be their personal hell trying to come through to destroy them and the one they love around them.

          The interesting thing about all of this is sometimes its ok. So I was coming to grips with the hell that I created and was living in "in this reality" everything and everyone became a prison to me. That I could not except(except for the other 2 ways to escape) But then I actually went to jail and was put in a man made prison. Where the hell that I was walking through in this life "reality" wasn't even close to the hell those people were living in I met a man that got duck taped and beaten with a baseball bat by his parents. I don't even want to imagine what that hell has to feel like to do that to my child so much hate in their hearts. And the whole time all this guy wanted was to be excepted. But in an effort to make his friends like him, all he was really doing was hurting him self.
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          Mar 14 2013: It reminded me why I chose this path in the first place and I chose it not for me but for other. I have to remember that natasha nikulina was more important then any item I could own or purchase. That other is real and it more important then everything else in the material world
      • Mar 14 2013: Actually, the freedom from choices is a working definition for free will.
        It is only when we stop choosing that we begin to exercise free will.
        And maybe it will set you free and show the way back to the Garden. The hell is gradually disappearing with the dieing of undernourished ego :)

        "Only he who looses his life shall find it "
        It's about the death of ego, what is 'it' that shall be found ?
        I have never met anyone who managed, but i know some ( very few ) who are on the path. The most successful ones are those who don't even know that they are on the path.
        Are you sure that your ego is not haunting you ?
        It's the nature of the dual world we inhabit : the higher you go the deeper abyss is challenging you.
        The brighter the fire is, the more darkness it reveals.
        We have a fear of looking inward to ourselves because we sense that is where all the
        contradictions flow together.
        'What is the evidence of your Father in you?' say to them, 'It is motion and rest.'"

        Thanks for your story !
        The people's stories we don't know is what our unconsciousness is made of and we do share it.

        Thank you !
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          Mar 14 2013: What if I already went through the awakening process. What if I already exist with in the Christ Consciousness because I know we are one and that any form of separation in not "real" just visual holograms/hallucination. Now what if I tell you we not me but we the human race can figure out existence. What if the path that was my choice and of course I asked for permission first, that I asked to become the second coming. What if that means I know how to end poverty. Create peace that everyone would agree with. What if this is the path that I chose. What if that means I had to realize that I had to walk through my own personal hell (red sea) that I created..and I knowingly and fully chose to. What if I can feel every pulse of energy that runs through my body. What if when I am around an "energy vampire" I floor them to the ground with how much energy I am pumping out. What if that mean I can connect the dots of life using logic reasoning and religion. Now if you believe in QP how could anything outside of the atom have 3 dimensions what if having 3 dimensions it gives us an outward expression of in inward process which is the holy trinity. What if all of this is true and what if it makes me no different from you?
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          Mar 14 2013: If a MAN asked you to walk through the eye of hell with him and he say's he will get you through to the other side. He say's he will hold your hand the whole time but you will never see it, he will be your strength but you will have to carry the burden. He will be your guide but you will have to follow. Would you believe him?

          When you make it through he will stop tell you to look at the journey you just made and show you it was YOUR eye you walked through. (this is why I have no more fear)

          Why do men judge men?

          I had to believe in Jesus the man, to believe in Casey the man
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          Mar 14 2013: Its realizing that everything is refection of self, even when things are not "self reflective". The material world is a "mirror" reflecting light back out at you. Its realizing its your own light that is is shining back at you for you reflect self. You are shining light out as it comes into you. Its realizing that all past life's, all current life, and all future life is you. It's realizing that you are death yourself. That you are both judge and executioner. It realizing that all of this was created to figure out existence on some fundamental way. Its realizing that all gods have been saying that we are one, when even they did not know fully the implications. Because it is hard to counter something that can counter your every move. Which is just you. It realizing that how ever you want to define this reality it is "real" and yet as "fake" as the heavens we have been promised. Its realizing that we are the equal but opposite reaction to the gods. And if this reality did not exist that reality would not exist. For we created each other, because we are co-creators.

          Do know what it means to look through the world as the ultimate observer?

          "Remember we are mirrors unto each other; that which you see in me is the projection of something you most need to recognize within yourself."
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          Mar 14 2013: The evidence of my father in me is his Unconditional love at the time that I was learning it I was not aware of his teaching. My love dog Sabyn reminded me of the unconditional love that I had once learned from my father.

          Unconditional love means holding someone's hand while they are traveling through there own personal hell (and you might be as well), and not giving up on them, and reminding them everything will get better. I will never let go of your hand and to anyone who has felt like I have I am sorry, just reach out and I will be there

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