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Is a shadow a three-dimensional object? I am proposing that we are 3 "objects" in one being. We are the light, the body and the shadow

A shadow is a 3d object, because we live in a 3d world right?

So that means they have, length, width, height, volume and mass?

And the body is just "shadow" or matter that reflects light, like a mirror, or the moon


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    Mar 8 2013: A shadow is a 3d object, as it extends in 3 dimensions beyond the object causing the shadow, although we're usually only aware of the shadow when it lands onto another object to be plainly visible.

    However, a shadow is just the absence of light, so it does not have mass. It's just a volume of space.
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      Mar 8 2013: And that "volume of space" has no mass it must certainly be effected by gravity
      • Mar 9 2013: Space has mass however by making a shadow you are removing photons which are mass-less so gravity is unchanged
    • Mar 9 2013: You are correct in that a shadow appears to have three dimensions but it can only be observed as a plane.
      For example, a lunar eclipse is the moon entering the shadow of the earth. The cone of the shadow is in 3 dimensions but the shadow is only realized as a 2d plane (the moon's surface)
      I might therefore hypothesize that the shadow is a plane that is translated across the third dimension without ever interacting with it.

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