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What thoughts do TEDster's have regarding plausible reasons why the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is purchasing major firepower?

Here are two recent procurements made by Secretary Napolitano (my former governor) presumably to meet her department's strategic needs: 1.6-BILLION cartridges for .40 caliber and 9mm firearms; 2,717 MRAP's (Mine Resistant Armor Protected motorized vehicles) retrofitted for DOMESTIC (aka Homeland) use. Advances in taxpayer funded Technolgy and Design are meant to enhance our society, right?. . . right?


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18 possibilities mentioned by respondents:
For use in Syria (1). To protect and serve citizens (1). A pre-sequester spending spree (1). No problem at all (2). To stimulate the economy (1). To match forces with armed citizens (4). A conspiracy against citizens (1). Just good purchasing policy (2). Preparing for chaos after economic collapse (2). Marshall Law (2). To drive-up metals markets (1).

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  • Mar 11 2013: Just a random comment here. I used to work in law enforcement and want to mention something you may be forgetting. Every armed agent may use 1000+rounds/year between target practice and qualification. They carry guns that hold 16 rounds, plus 2 more 15 round magazines. They may have a backup gun with 16 more rounds, plus they may have a rifle w/mags totaling another 50+ rounds. I would say any armed DHS agent could account for well over 1000 rounds between training and what they carry. They also said they got a big price break by ordering more rounds at once.

    I know the number of rounds purchased sounds big but I bet Walmart sells 10x that many rounds in a year. I know if I go shooting, I personally could go through several hundred rounds. The Us Army probably buys that quantity in a month.

    So.... I say..... big deal...... I hope they got a good discount.
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      Mar 11 2013: I hope you're right, BUT, it really looks like more than thrifty purchasing procedures. At at the height of the Iraq war the DOD was going through 5.5 million rounds a month. http://commdocs.house.gov/committees/security/has176250.000/has176250_0.HTM At that astonishing rate of consumption Napolitano has enough ammo for 24 YEARS+ years of sustained all-out warfare against an agressive enemy! Barack Hussein Obama said in a Colorado campaign speech in 2008, "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." It does not seem far-fetched, or conspiratorial, to think he is assembling that KGB/SS/Brown Shirt-type force as we speak.

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