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How to pay it all back?

The national debt of many countries has risen to astronomical levels, with debt to GDP percentages rising ever higher, can it ever be paid back?, if so, how?

Is there other ways out of this monstrous debt?

I , personally feel that a first step should be the prevention of printing more paper currency, and the people having a say in the decision making process.

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    Mar 7 2013: All "values" are falsely created by man, nothing has intrinsic value. Except life but we currently value that at $7.25 per hour
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      Mar 10 2013: Well then just give me all your belongings and will see how much you "value" them.
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        Mar 10 2013: Already did that there is only one thing in my house that i value and that is my dog. Everything else can burn in hell since it is the devil that clothes us
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        Mar 10 2013: Its currently being foreclosed on so it my 2 cars and 3 motorcycles, because I thought I valued them more then other.

        But if you really want to do some good try this; but Shelby I dont think you care enough to end poverty

        We can end poverty with $100,000. Do you think this would end poverty? So the fundamental part of Capitalism is that people have to make less money so other people can make more. This can be seen in today's current economy as the 99% vs. the 1% in America. What most Americans don't realize is that the 99% of Americas are also in the top 1% of the world.

        Because I am able to run my business in a free market, my plan isto limit my employee’s salary, as well as my own, to an amount no greater than $100,000 per year for life. I already have 3 business ventures that I am currently working to get off the ground. These businesses are as follows; One in Marketing, one in 3D printing, and one that can be best described somewhat as a Jiffy Lube for nail salons. As I’ve previously stated, my employee’s and I will never make more than $100,000 a year in income. Furthermore, I plan to automate the jobs completed by my employees and create machines that will complete the work for them. However, I will still pay them their annual salary. I will be able to accomplish this with the capital received from the automated services my businesses will provide. As an employer, I don’t really care who or what does the work as long as it gets done. With the future IT companies I plan to establish, I will be able to spread Wi-Fi coverage to everyone in the country, cheaper than it’s already being done. In addition, I will also have the ability to offer more coverage in more places. I will show those employees how they can outsource their job to 3rd world workers, where they can basically double that person’s income by only paying them a tenth of what I plan to pay my employees.
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        Mar 10 2013: This will allow my employees to semi-retire and still complete all the necessary job requirements. Essentially, this method will enable me to rescue my employees as well as the 3rd world workers from a life of poverty. This can be seen as a trickledown effect, which current businesses like to pretend they already accomplish The best part about this plan is that my “semi-retired” employees will have the buying power. Therefore, they will buy from my company instead of from my competitors. Much like a lobbyist, I will be “bribing” my employees for their loyalty in the form of the semi-retired salary, which they will make for the rest of their lives. My employees will know the more they buy from me, the more people we can rescue from poverty.
        Once I educate my employees on how money actually works, they will realize it is a juggling act and my enterprise will be the ultimate juggler. This will also allow the removal of government welfare programs, thus lowering everyone’s tax rates. This will be effective simply because I will be paying people for doing nothing. From then on they can volunteer or spend their time completing more hospitable and fulfilling activities while having job security.
        If 25% of the world companies and charities used this model instead of our current model how fast do you think we can end poverty?

        I had to loose everything by my own choices, freely and willing to know that this is bigger then me, otherwise I could retire in pegnam, Maylasia tomorrow for less the my house and cars payments
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        Mar 10 2013: Picture was taking at the decent of my empire, of my own choosing and was taking when I got to see my best friend Angie marry her wife in DC
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      Mar 10 2013: Excuse me but we value life to the tune of $7.75 hour, you see life got a raise
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        Mar 10 2013: Is that 2013, I think my stat is from 2012
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          Mar 10 2013: You should update your regard for life to the current rate?
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        Mar 10 2013: I know my value now, and it has no value man can give me....however I did lose my value
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    Mar 7 2013: nobody have ever planned to pay it back. the plan was to borrow more and more as credibility goes up, due to economic progress. just like house owners borrowed more and more against their appreciating property.

    you want people to have a say? they do have a say. and they are quite okay with things as they are. sure, they didn't want the recession. but spending money like crazy on debt? emptying the credit card, and applying for a new one? hell yeah! give me one more beer!
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    Mar 7 2013: Return to the gold standard. Every piece of Value Representation, aka money/currency, must be based on an amount of gold equivalent to its stated denomination. If the nation's gold reserves have a value of X dollars, then the nation cannot print more than X dollars of currency. Also, concurrently, abolish the Federal Reserve System and forgive all debts incurred under its reign.
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        Mar 8 2013: That is not true sir. Research will show there is plenty of gold to serve as the value standard for the whole earth. Look into it, don't take my word for it. Read chapter 7 of Ed Griffin's book called The Creature from Jekyll Island. Even I understood it! :-)
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      Mar 8 2013: I would like an audit on our gold reserves…..
  • Mar 9 2013: It can't be paid back.
    So don't worry about it.

    Get rid of the monetary system. Let it die. Hope it does die.
    Implement a fair, just system in its place that doesn't need crime, greed, inequality, poverty, slavery, war and death as its nourishment for survival.
    That is an unjust, corrupt system that can never be made just, and.....
    Certainly those are not the needs of everyone on earth.

    Nothing costs money. Everything costs people.
    TED Lover said it! "We need more people willing to..............."
    It is us/US, people, the world over who get things done. It isn't money.
    Things don't.........."get done".............because of money.
    Things................don't get done".........because of money.

    By getting out from under the monetary slave system, and also not accepting the new currency system that will be offered, after those in power completely destroy it anyway, just so they can offer you their "new and improved" one,
    will give humans back their power.
    This will happen because once it collapses, those in power will only be able to maintain their status and positions IF, humans once more accept a monetary system. Don't, and the power is yours.

    There is a solution and that is it. No money. All Human Needs, become Universal Human Rights, provided freely by automated systems that are what technology was originally intended for. To ease human labor, provide more comfort, leisure, safety, and increase the intelligence of the masses. It wasn't meant for putting people out of work, pitting them against one another for survival, globally.
    Without money, humans can properly, intelligently, wisely, and prudently manage the resources of the earth, which are currently being mismanaged, abused, wasted and controlled by those who do so for profit (money) and power (politics). So it is clear humans do not need money nor politics, politicians, bankers, stockbrokers, financial institutions and so on. Thus, can humans create, build, grow and maintain without built-in obsolescence
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    Mar 8 2013: A sincere understanding of the complicated world economic system and the processes and procedures of the IMF, WB, European Union, American bankers, etc. would be crucial to really answering this question. This by no means is intended to say that one needs to sit on these boards to be able to answer the question. On the contrary, I think in order for the masses of humans who populate this planet to truly be alleviated from debt and economic slavery, we need folks outside of those inside investors to know WTF is going on so that informed decisions can be made about inside deals that affect us all.

    Maybe a TED TALK DISCUSSING GLOBAL BANKING issues and related topics is a good start :)
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    Mar 11 2013: @Casey I have one question for you, what is your definition of poverty? In reality their really is no such thing as poverty in the United States because the government has already gave the essentials of life to toughs citizens with out. Not only that they give them phones, health care, and are planning to give them gas money as will. If you think the welfare state is going any where, your sadly mistaken only until the government runs out of are money will this ever change.
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    Mar 9 2013: Can someone please point out the persons we owe money to? If a corporation owns debt from another corporation and both corporations keep changing CEO's and stock holders how long can debt live?
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    Gail .

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    Mar 8 2013: How can we pay back the national debt(s) when sovereign governments have given up their right to print money, turned that right over to banks who invent money into existence, lend it to governments with interest attached, and never turn the unearned dollars (interest) into money so that the debt can be paid off?

    We don't need more dollars invested in education. We need more people willing to educate themselves in spite of the horrors that they will see when they use the Internet to find out what has been done to them (and that through their votes, they supported without knowing that they were damning themselves).

    I see the only solution that I have been able to conceive of as being a growing but still very small minority whose view is angrily rejected without any interest in understanding it.

    Thus, the solution lies in the hands of you and me, who will be powerless for as long as we believe that ignorance is strength.
  • Mar 8 2013: Ok, some great comments here.

    I understand that if this finance is ever going to be paid back, then future generations will be severly affected, this means that my children (and theirs) may become enslaved in the country of their forefathers. (to be dramatic)

    Should we be looking for the solution to end this debt roller-coaster in our lifetime ?(next 50 years), or is that just not possible?

    Is there a solution?, or are we sooo deep, that the only way out is that there isnt a way out?

    I understand that as individuals choose, this is their choice, credit, loans, borrowing en masse. But is there a viable alternative to keeping this inflated lifestyle/standard of living to which we have become so addictively accustomed ?, or Does it all have to go, end, shut it down?,

    The other part is---------------- Where did all the borrowed money come from?------
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      Mar 8 2013: " Where did all the borrowed money come from?"

      it is less important where the money comes from. money in today's world can be created at will. it is just playing with numbers. what we need to care about is stuff. new money buys stuff, so the "winners" in the money creation game also gain stuff. not as much, but some. probably not a perfect measure, but maybe this map gives you a hint:
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    Mar 7 2013: Education of the people is the most important step. Otherwise the politicians are forced to keep spending money in order to get reelected.

    Some say the conspiracy is to create a new world currency that will buy the Euro and the Dollar at less than face value. So the holders of the fiat money would simply lose.

    I'm not sure there are people persistent enough and smart enough to do this as it takes centuries. On the other hand I see enemies of the people like George Soros, Prescott Bush who was found guilty of financing Hitler, Woodrow Wilson and all the crap he pulled and I say hmm maybe?
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        Mar 8 2013: Yes you are right.

        My point is that the natural tendency of a democracy is to continue to vote for more free stuff as if you live on the dole anyway why not get more free stuff.