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How to pay it all back?

The national debt of many countries has risen to astronomical levels, with debt to GDP percentages rising ever higher, can it ever be paid back?, if so, how?

Is there other ways out of this monstrous debt?

I , personally feel that a first step should be the prevention of printing more paper currency, and the people having a say in the decision making process.


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    Mar 8 2013: A sincere understanding of the complicated world economic system and the processes and procedures of the IMF, WB, European Union, American bankers, etc. would be crucial to really answering this question. This by no means is intended to say that one needs to sit on these boards to be able to answer the question. On the contrary, I think in order for the masses of humans who populate this planet to truly be alleviated from debt and economic slavery, we need folks outside of those inside investors to know WTF is going on so that informed decisions can be made about inside deals that affect us all.

    Maybe a TED TALK DISCUSSING GLOBAL BANKING issues and related topics is a good start :)

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