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What is the future role of the military power and soldiers?

Many people say this 21st century is going to be, really, new generation we've never seen before. Thanks to the modern communication technology, we can share almost every thing simultaneously with the world.
These changes make us pay more attention on human rights and contribute non-governmental actors such as anti-war activities. And recently, as I think, it brings democratic waves in Arab world. However wars and violences still persist, none of us may argue the war is going to be disappeared in the world.
Personally, I'm a army cadet and soon be a military officer. So I'm really interested in this question What is the future role of military force? As I said, even though wars still persist, it's not as same as it was in 20th century. Then how we can definition of the military power, the future roll of the soldiers? How we can limit or expand it? If so, who is deserve to deal with?

Thank for reading and I hope sharing your ideas.


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    Apr 2 2011: it will be a huge power greater than any military force ever seen.

    It'll be one were every man, woman and child is a part of. And the only thing that they stand for is love and there will be no hate or struggle at all.

    The end. :P

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