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Do we live in the world the previous generation guided?

To start off with I and 18 years old. Therefore I am still in school, and the leader of the world (STEM field, political, artist, Et cetera) our from previous generations.
Do we have the power (for lack of better words) to choose how my generations is going to lead the world? ( energy wise, political, Et cetera) or are we condemned to keep committing the same choices?


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  • Mar 8 2013: the decisions we make today determine the choices we have tomorrow

    in a way we are condemned to keep making the same inherently flawed choices, however, if one would really want to improve, and i mean really be committed to changing something big in a big way, then one must swim against the tide of the billions who are daily controlled by their desires, their inner beast of personal and individual gain.

    I have no idea how to do this, i just follow my own path, its sometimes considered by others as weird, but so what.

    perhaps we need to ask why we are governed/led by the nose/desires.

    in short "YES" you have the power, to choose how your generation is going to lead the world, however, some choices have already been removed from you, others have been replaced by extremely destructive ones, and still other are different from 20 years ago.

    Your choices are changing almost every week, so the 'system' is trying (not really) to prepare you for a future that we have no idea what it will look like in the next 5 years, you may inherit a global wasteland, or a second planet, or both.

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