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will female- dominated early educational system be responsible for producing today's more feminised male?

This is an issue raised nationwide not long ago in China. As a one that studies early childhood education, I don't buy it. First, I wonder if the increase of feminised male is the only phenomenon in China or elsewhere (more representation from pop culture, though). Second, I'm deeply troubled by this issue -- on the one hand I do feel more balanced teaching staff in both genders will be nice as role-modeling is a strong debate to go against female-only early childhood education. On the other hand, I think it more as social issue that many social factors have to be taken into consideration. Say, 4-2-1 family structure makes the only child the true gem in the family and parents as well as grandparents tend to care too much. Also, child protection and child safety have come to such an alerting level that teachers and schools dare not challenge children (unfortunately including boys) to do things that they used to do, which could be true in most countries of today. To think further, society is not as safe as before and thus requires parents and schools to have more supervision, which in turn limits children's wilder exploration in a way. But my question is more about whether the dominance of FEMALE teachers has to take the blame. When adult male role is missing in school setting, should little boys stand up and take up a more masculine role to balance things out? When I had to struggle for a living with my two little boys, my elder one said to me, "mom, I'll protect you." Though male and female are born equal, their brains have been proven wired differently in some ways. Should we rethink early childhood education? Or it's OK if males become more feminised?


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  • Mar 9 2013: I don't think so. The worst thing that could happen is that one or two of them get the message that "education is a girly thing" and become more revel during school hours. Balancing teachers gender may solve some discipline problems with trouble maker kids at most.

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