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Is misandry real and is it a real problem? Are current male stereotypes good for boys, men, society? How can we help men and boys succeed?

"In the past quarter century, we exposed biases against other races and called it racism, and we exposed biases against women and called it sexism. Biases against men we call humor."
—Warren Farrell, Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say

  • Mar 7 2013: Mr. Farrell has a good point.

    Many TV commercials make fun of men in ways that would not be acceptable if the target was a woman.

    One definition of misandry is a hatred of men. I do not think the bias seen in the media is based on hatred, but perhaps resentment of the power imbalance. I suspect that attempts to reduce this imbalance has, in some cases, been unintentionally detrimental to males.

    We can help everyone succeed by treating them as people first. I do not think society has sufficiently distanced itself from the historical gender roles to be able to define new gender roles for the next generation. Let future generations determine their own roles and stereotypes. For now, let us work on getting rid of the old stereotypes, and try to reduce the income gap between males and females.
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      Mar 7 2013: Advertising and mass media sales-pitches have a lot to answer for. Stereotypes and base humour/stupidity are their bread and butter as they peddle their wares in a 20 second time slot.

      There is a reverse sexism inherent in statements made about men and violence, or at least, a willingness to cast generalities over an entire sex. Of course, people making these sorts of statements are being highly emotive rather than rational or cerebral.
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    Mar 7 2013: it is common to make fun of groups who are in better positions,this is a well practiced humour technique. We make funnof skinny people,rich people,ect. Its is considered more politically correct to not pick on those with less. So now you are tired of derogatroy medias surrounding men...so am I. But do we want to return to macho bravado,or men are superior to women rhetoric again..so now what...PERSONALLY, I would like the social myth that men are machine like to be removed and the yearning for a more humane defintion of men would be rendeered..to fullfill the request by Pinnochio,or the lion in the Wizard of Oz...I will include a warning herewithin if man is not enlightened of his connection to nature and pursues his current machine self metaphour..all machine myths end in death and social extinction...so you are correct in a new codeifide metaphour for men...I would think long and deep before I infect society with a nother version as to where we want to go with our mens selfimage