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What role should perception and emotion play in addressing ethical decisions?

Should perception and emotion have an equal say when we are addressing ethical decisions?
Should we disregard perception completely from the start because in the end our decisions towards ethical decisions are based on our emotions towards the subject.

What do you guys think?


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    Mar 7 2013: Root cause of this debate is a wrong principle: "No body can issue death warrant against himself. Because it is against principals of natural justice."
    Religion, Traditions, Culture or Philosophy are our working atmosphere same as Windows, Linux, DOS in computer.
    It is up to we, what we want out of it. Designer of each religion and tradition choose death for a greater cause. But followers are behaving opposite of it. Ultimate target of any religion or tradition is religious freedom but we are trying for religious fusion, cloning or isolation. Redefine ethics before we start this discussion. Followers are right or the designer of any philosophy is right? other wise each conclusion will be wrong.

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