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Why does everyone hate math?

Going to school (as I do on a daily basis), you see tons of different people with different interests (as I imagine you would in most situations). So everyday I see my friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and everyone else in my grade, and the vast majority of them just don't like math. I just want to know why. Personally I love math, like all caps LOVE math, but I just can't get why it's just decided that no one is going to like math. Of all of the subjects to hate, why does everyone gravitate towards math? Is it just that it's taught badly (which I could very easily see), does everyone just see it as useless to know that x=2 when 12x+7=31, or is it that you just went with the crowd? But for all you math haters, why? And if you don't hate math like me, what made you go against everyone else?

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  • Mar 7 2013: When I was a student I enjoyed doing math.I liked to get together with classmates discussing math's questions.I liked to keep thinking a math question then suddenly got the way to understand and solve it.It sounded like some mysterious searching process which obsessed me a lot.O
    Of course,teachers' encourage was very important for me to like math more.
    But I had been confused a long time because I really didn't understand what math's value in our lives?
    But now I feel I benefit a lot from hard study in math:because I eventually can understand math is another language to descripe the world simpler,clearer than the language we speak.And math helps us everywhere.

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