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Why are fast foods frequently served in school or college cafeterias?

I am attempting to tackle the afromentioned questions for my research paper in my english class. As I wandered around from college to college or school to school, I discovered that most cafetaria or food providers are likely to serve a fast foods or frozen foods like corn dogs, hamburger, french fries or nachos. As one of the college student, I am devastated seeing those foods getting into children's belly, which is very unhealthy for their growth. In business perspective, I find out that the selling cycle of providing frozen or fast foods is much beneficial rather than preparing vegetables or meats. Not only are they have an extended period of expiration but also those are foods that children like to eat. This is my thought by far for my research paper. If you guys willing to propose ideas or throw out a question regarding this topic, it will a very much help for me. You are free to see it of any point of views. Thanks

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    Mar 7 2013: It's all about money.

    Check this out
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    Mar 7 2013: schools don't care
    parents don't care
    politicians don't care
    kids like such food
  • Mar 7 2013: Because they are too young to be aware of how important health for us.Because most of them are so energic,they always try to challenge new things:include food:spicy,hot food.they always try to have fun as much as they can,so fast food is one kind of saving time to fill their stomaches not feel hungry.
  • Mar 7 2013: You are right - most people take the easiest road. Do your paper on the people advocating the healthier way. The future of America is a disaster linked to diabetes and other such problems if we don't change. You can write and write and write on this subject.
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    Mar 7 2013: I think you are correct that college students on meal plans are a captive audience and the concession that provides food services makes choices that keep costs down- costs of ingredients and labor.

    It's not always fast food of the kind you describe, but there is often a lot of sugar and fat.

    As students can often not take their meal plans to other service providers, I don't think their taste for the food is driving the concession's choices as to what to serve. Students often are very disappointed at the food in the meal plans but not disappointed enough to make it a big factor in choosing among colleges.