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The universe/ irony game (give an opinion)

The game is simple:
There is no base of operations
The way to play is to be an exeption to a supposed impossible

Example the platypus:
This is an animal that lays eggs has a bill and flat tail, has shootable poison, and finds food through electronic change.

Another is a black hole can live forever has more mass than possible time flows inward and so on

These things by our beliefs should not exist they are the exeptions. Now tell me if something is wrong with this or tell me your thoughts on it.


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  • Mar 11 2013: There are also bacteria that live in acidic hot springs that would dissolve a human. There are tube worms at the bottom of the ocean in 650° water at pressure that would crush a human to the size of a soda can. This all reminds me how little we actually know about our world and the universe.

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