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What is the solution to the phenomenon of divorce.

Why always problems between the couple and the solution is divorce.
Is divorce is the only solution or is there other solutions.
Is the solution is divorce or reform.

What is the solution to the phenomenon of divorce.

We are looking for the truth to see all forms of impulsive divorce.
Is it a lack of respect between the two parties.

Or laws that give the right to women more than men

.This appeal to know the grounds for divorce.And not to give an opinion on to marry or not marry.

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    Mar 7 2013: Where is the evidence that humans should mate for life?
    Monogamous means one partner at a time.

    See Pair bonding: "In biology, a pair bond is the strong affinity that develops in some species between a pair consisting of a male and female, or in some cases as a same-sex pairing, potentially leading to producing offspring and/or a life-long bond. Pair-bonding is a term coined in the 1940s[1] that is frequently used in sociobiology and evolutionary psychology circles. The term often implies either a lifelong socially monogamous relationship or a stage of mating interaction in socially monogamous species. It is sometimes used in reference to human relationships."

    In other animals, such as praire voles, who mate for life, sex can still occur, although infrequently, outside the relationship. (I'll add a reference for this) This often is the cause of break up in modern human relationships.
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      Mar 7 2013: Thanks for your comments
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      Mar 7 2013: If did not marry men and women there will be more problems ..
      It will become morally corrupt society.
      Do not forget that 40/100 families are the families of the province and sanctify marriage.

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