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What is the solution to the phenomenon of divorce.

Why always problems between the couple and the solution is divorce.
Is divorce is the only solution or is there other solutions.
Is the solution is divorce or reform.

What is the solution to the phenomenon of divorce.

We are looking for the truth to see all forms of impulsive divorce.
Is it a lack of respect between the two parties.

Or laws that give the right to women more than men

.This appeal to know the grounds for divorce.And not to give an opinion on to marry or not marry.

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    Mar 7 2013: I somehow disagree with Pabrita and agree with Kate.

    I disagree with Pabrita, because I don't think the institution of marriage itself is the problem. Yes, it has many flaws. Marriage rests on a historical foundation of ownership and transferal of property. There are high divorce rates, especially when women are able to leave a marriage that isn't working for them. And there is the U.S. controversy where right-wing conservatives define marriage in a way that disenfranchises the GLBT community.

    But these flaws do not belong to the institution of marriage, they belong to us, the people who wield it. Speaking from a U.S.-perspective, marriage has improved significantly throughout our history - we now can have interracial marriages, women can leave unhealthy marriages, and in some states, GLBT people can also marry. We have decades (maybe even centuries) of research and wisdom to help strengthen our relationships. WIth these tools, even relationships that suffer massive betrayals can survive and grow into healthy relationships.

    I agree with Pabritas in that the best solution is to not get married; at least, not until you're ready. Many couples who end in divorce (especially Kate's 65%) married before the age of 25, before they had the emotional maturity to handle the responsibilities of marriage. Many approach marriage as a way to force their partner to commit, or some other insecurity. Probably more in the spirit of Kate's comment, you can have a relationship that is just as legitimate and committed without jumping through the political/religious/social hoop that is marriage.

    The solution to divorce isn't eliminating marriage, it's correcting our approach to marriage. We need to teach the next generation to hold off on marriage until they are ready for it, and to marry for the right reasons. And we need to teach them that when they run into those inevitable problems of marriage, to try to resolve them using all available tools *before* resorting to divorce.
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      Mar 7 2013: Thanks for your comments

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