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Does the lack of accuracy outweigh the benefits of truly understanding the information?

After listening to this Ted talk, I found a lot of his ideas to be really creative. The ability to teach through stories and images is a powerful tool and can help many students learn idea and concepts that they, at one point in time, could not understand. The problem that I see with this concept of learning is that if students can only learn and comprehend from this special technique, then what will happen in the future for these students when other ways of comprehension become to difficult because of the dependency on this particular technique.

This technique seems to be very dependent on how the teachers relay the information. For teachers however, as the grade level of the student increase, more information and ideas have to be incorporated into their daily plans, leaving it almost impossible for the teachers to teach everything in on sitting. Because of this, text book reading assignments and hours of research must be done out of school in order to be prepared for the next day. College education is another level up from high school and the amount of knowledge that needs to be crammed into the heads of students seems to be to much. This is why college seems to be such a dramatic change for many students like myself. How can this idea be incorporated in a way that can help students understand without harming their ability to learn and understand by themselves so they can be ready for the college environment.


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  • Mar 13 2013: I don't think this technique will turn out to be the only technique in which students learn. Every student has their own background, own way of learning. This process is wonderful for certain types of learners, but we can't ignore those that don't learn as well this way.

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