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Ex-cons oppions about rehabilitation vs just doing time. Working our way back into society and accepting society is slow.

I'm an ex con, did a lot of jail time in NY and know from the inside what it's like to carry the "brand" around the rest of my life. Know the problems of doing time and what it's like to try to live with the stigma of my past life, for the rest of my days. I know the daily adversity of the "system" even after one has paid his price of jail time, there is an ongoing price that will be paid the rest of my life. It's been over 30 years and I still, to this day pay.


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  • Mar 9 2013: Follow up Frank. Sorry.
    In other words, get more people "out of the families" by lessening and even eliminating the stresses being applied to this important and crucial environment.
    We don't need more people prying into the private lives and families of others.
    Keep them out and get rid of the stresses that contribute or are the outright causes of the problems many families face.

    It isn't the family that is the problem. It is the system (the environment) that is "CAUSING" the problems.
    I firmly believe that getting rid of the causes will solve virtually any problem in the lives of humans.
    Why wouldn't it? The causes go, the problems go. Without reasons or causes there are no reasons or causes for problems to grow, fester and become infected.

    Getting people to believe this, to agree, to think this way, will open your eyes wide. They will just not agree with it.
    It is too simple. Makes too much sense and no one will go along with it, unless of course, if there is money to be made off of it, then they might.

    The system is what is wrong.
    There is no such thing as a criminal mind, unless and until, an individual can be appraised, studied, observed and conclusions reached, in a society in which there are no reasons for committing a crime. Then, we may have a criminal mind. It is the environment and how it is appraised by those living in it, as to whether or not it is friendly, supportive, has what is needed for life, survival, growth and so on, or whether it is a threat, violent, resources are scarce and difficult to obtain and so on.

    You will find that most are institutionalized in the false society they call "free", as they are stressed, fearful and accept living like wild animals to survive instead of in peace, which those in power (the ones who do the institutionalizing), don't want. They are the only ones who don't want this. The rest of us/US do.

    Go forward. Walk through your fear. You don't know the "OUT - COME" but you will "COME - OUT" the other side.
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      Mar 9 2013: WOW..what insight. Well spoken, well said. In responce to your perspective. Most of it is true, yes. But, this journey will demand I ignore the present facts and try to plow through them, and into a new understanding of what is possible. I'm not saying I shouldn't be aware of the problems of our present reality. What I think, is that we can change things in a new way. I can't even imagine the can of worms these kind of ideas I have, will open up. But, thinking outside of the box, with emagination and creativity has never been for wimps.

      I'll be laying out my ideas as they surface, hopefully, with an understanding from the perspective and vision rarely taken into consideration. From the human being effected by the system, that goes, most times, ignored. I don't think it's done with intent most times, but, until we "see" with eyes of the, for lack of a better word, "patient" we don't really see at all.

      I love your understanding about comming- out the other side. The outcome of this effort is not in my hands, but, in a truth that if we don't include the "effected" in the process, we will always fail to value them as human beings, and as the most important part of the solution. To some degree, we stay seperate of "them". And we look at the problems as though it's a mystery. If we really take this challange seriously a new vision will have to be had. Scary hu? ..smile..

      Your comments and encouragement is the most valued possesion I can have through this. Please watch this unfold and help me work towards a new reality for the many who suffer from hopelessness and fear of things they do not understand, unseen by some of us.

      Again.. Thank You.

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