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Drinking Water Out of a Billboard

Amazing technology to get drinking water in Peru

The rain in this region is almost zero, but its atmospheric humidity is about 98%. Inspired by this, UTEC built the first billboard that produces drinking water out of the air. The billboard has unique technology that captures the air humidity and turns it into drinking water.

“Each generator captures the air humidity and from there it goes to a reverse osmosis system. Each tank stores about 5.28 gallons of water. These 5 generators purify the vital liquid and its total is gathered in one tank,” said one of UTEC’s engineers involved in the project.

The billboard has already produced about 2,496.42 gallons of drinking water in a 3 month period, an amount that equals the water consumption of hundreds of families per month.

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    Mar 7 2013: When I first read your tittle I thought it was absurd.
    That change once I opened it. Thank you for sharing this information.
    I find this a great idea that could be improved. As ZX style state about the oil. It is a little disappointing how new technology being invented is still attached to 20th century energy.
    I would be good if they would start integrating new ways to operated for example the video stated that is in a desert area! I wonder what can we use? (MAYBE TRY SOLAR?)
    Nonetheless it is good to see engineers do their job and help humanity.