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With the apparent unraveling of the federal budget process, what if anything can be done by policy makers to solve near & long term issues.

ideas fo unraveling the fiscal deficit. What budget processs would have the greatest possibilityof having short and long term benefits.


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    Mar 6 2013: Anthony, I will save my reply until I hear from you ... why did you state "apparent" in your question.

    Not that I think you are wrong just interesting you chose that word.

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      Mar 7 2013: You point is well noted, I should have used a much stronger word or discriptor.
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        Mar 8 2013: Tony, A 4th grader can tell you that you cannot spend more than you make ... a lesson Congress and the President have forgotten. Only 53% contribute to taxes out of the 312.8 million americans. That means approximately 156 million people do not pay taxes plus the 11.5 estimated (2005) illegals who use our services and programs.

        I do not expect a person making 28 K to pay a few hundred in taxes ... but if these 14,700,000 people who zero out paid 10 dollars each flat tax and the rest of us were on a tax schedule then it seems to be more equal. The myth that millionares pay nothing is false. Congress makes the laws and the accountants MUST follow that law. The first four years of Obama he controlled both houses and could have resolved the tax laws as he saw them ... instead nothing was accomplished and now it is all the GOPs fault. Darn Bush.

        The second side is stop government growth and spending. If you go to expectmore.gov you will see 4 pages of programs that the GAO say are ineffective and a drag on the economy. What a good place to start savings. How about the 32 new czars. How about the Executive staff of 2000 many who have the same titles as cabnet level agencies ... dupes you bet ... the 200 on Team Michele ... Michele flying around representing the US ... was she elected .. nope ... stop traveling on my dime. Senate fact finding trips .. to hawaii every year including families .... glad it is on business otherwise it might be seen as a family vacation.

        I can solve this mess in one week. Select 100 housewives who work hard each week to balance the family budget with shifting priorities and sliding pay scales put the same questions to them that we ask congress and they will answer those issues.

        Remember elected officials only worry about election and re-election to their elite positions and their pay and perks while being exempt from the very laws they pass.

        Out of space. I wish you well. Bob.
        • Mar 9 2013: Bob
          Accountants MUST follow the law.
          But they don't.
          You know it, I know it, and the entire country knows it.
          Those who don't, are lying to themselves.
          So too must corporations, government, etc. But they don't.
          You know it, I know it, and the entire country knows it.
          Those who don't, are lying to themselves.
          Those who say they are optimistic, are lying to themselves.
          Optimism is now actively practicing denial.
          You know it, I know it and the entire country knows it, but more subconsciously and hidden.
          Those who don't, are lying to themselves.

          All the things that are suggested as ideas, that people want, need or see clearly what needs to be done, are varied and widely so.
          They will not be done. None of them and not one of them will solve the problem.
          Each one disrupts another part of the problem, keeping everything off balance (that is the purpose and intention, making it economically impossible to balance a budget), which then only serves to keep everyone arguing, debating and struggling in an "at-odds-with-one-another" climate, that ultimately gets nothing done. Also, the purpose and intention.
          This is exactly what those in power want because they have every intention of ruining the current economic system, for their own gain, politically. It is the financial end of the real political/power struggle, over masses and masses of humans. Cannot see that? It's global for Christ's sake! Here's a list of ideas from posters.
          Transparency - stop government growth and spending - Use prisoners (being done) - representative government - Stop using credit cards - return to the gold standard - political suicide if any politician said, "we need to fix this now" (my paraphrasing) - Restore a lawful Constitutional government - and the ideas go on and on.

          Yet you said, " Select 100 housewives.........and so on," and YOU ARE RIGHT, in that you see it simple, clear, sensibly, honestly and without greed for ulterior motives,as to what will work, based on what needs to be done!

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