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How Can Your Organization Change The World?

Tribes are groups of people that have associated themselves together from the beginning of mankind. These groups/organizations usually range in size from 20-150 people. Tribes also range in developmental stages 1-5 (1...prison gangs to 5...world treaty authors). Research suggests that we can only "hear" or influence one stage up or down.
My question was derived from "Will Your Tribe Change The World?" which comes from David Logan at the end of is talk.

I chose this question because, my tribe divided. I moved back to the city where my tribe formed and now the city needs to be rebuilt but, I am alone. I am at stage one but I came from stage four, if you watch the TED talk: Tribal Leadership, you can get more insight into the stages.

My idea is to form a city social network in which we can "hear" the nearly 500,000 citizens at stage two. You can find out more about my idea if you view my profile.
So again, "How can your tribe change the world? Your answers may help form a solution to our local problem.


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    Mar 6 2013: i believe that this newtalk about tribes is the next item in the "embrace stupidity" list. won't help.
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      Mar 6 2013: Why do you believe this?
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        Mar 6 2013: tribal thinking is a relic of our past. just like the drive to steal form the weak, rape women, and similar outdated behaviors of our animal history. but for some reason, we always find ways to find excuses for ugly, evil or irrational behavior. that's what i call an "embrace stupidity" idea.
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          Mar 6 2013: Tribes, tribes... I wonder what has happened to all the tribes around the world that they have virtually disappeared. And to the civilisations that once worshipped the sun? Were they inefficient or what?

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