Meir Moskona

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To store the DNA of species that are facing extinction in what would become a DNA library of our current world for future use

I want to propose the notion of a DNA library containing samples of as many animal and plant species are possible to obtain and store, giving priority to the species that face the risk of extinction.
If DNA is in fact the blueprint of life, I believe such a collection of information could allow us in the future to use bio-technologies to bring back to the world the species we were not able to save.
Easily said: If pandas die out tomorrow, but we have saved their "blueprint" in a safe place; could we use the technologies of tomorrow (I mean, we're printing human organs already right?) to bring them back?
I have often wondered what are the limitations that are holding back the development of this idea. Is it technically impossible for the humans of today? Has it just not been discussed yet?