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What happens when two brains are connected?

So with this new research and test done onto mice connecting their brains to get a treat It made me think what if in the FAR FAR off future we could completely connect two human brains neuron for neuron everything their brain knows you know just as you know your own information
So the question is if we did this would the two brains connect and become one? or would the separate brains realize that they are foreign memories and lessons learned and stay as an individuals but individuals who know everything of each other

ps. sorry for no punctuation or periods or commas :(


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  • Mar 7 2013: simple : u will be a crazy person
    u didnt know what is imagine and what is real in ur life...thats all will be so absurd in your life
    • Mar 17 2013: i can barely understand what you are trying to say but why is that? you would know that both people's experiences are real but so you are basically saying that the two minds would reject each other?

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