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What happens when two brains are connected?

So with this new research and test done onto mice connecting their brains to get a treat It made me think what if in the FAR FAR off future we could completely connect two human brains neuron for neuron everything their brain knows you know just as you know your own information
So the question is if we did this would the two brains connect and become one? or would the separate brains realize that they are foreign memories and lessons learned and stay as an individuals but individuals who know everything of each other

ps. sorry for no punctuation or periods or commas :(


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  • Mar 6 2013: It is an imaginable question.how funny when two brains can be connected by high-technology.But infact we are connected all the time,just more or less.We are connected by all kinds of conversation.But if two brains can be connected each other,it means humanbeing become more mechanical,more powerful,because high-technology will help people to reduce their defects,maintain and absorb merits .Then what will happen?All people are intend to be the same standard model.OMG,does it mean people wouldn't need to be educated?Because we could be whatever we wanted be by high techology,isn't it too awesome?or terrible?
    So completely connected I don't think are a good thing.Because we are humanbeing,we are alive in the world's values is trying to experience what we can:failure,success,good from bad.That's why we can enjoy the various world very much.If high-tech would done all,No fun.LOL

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