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Does TED facilitate active dialogue between scientist and citizen?

Exploring whether interactive science communication is achieved via digital media. is an example considered and compared to a traditional media such as a science museum.

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    Gail .

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    Mar 11 2013: I don't think so. TEDsters learn from scientists, but scientists do not learn from most TEDsters.
  • Mar 10 2013: I think more scientists should get involve in the conversations happening here.
  • Mar 6 2013: Got the highlight is alway the gist of the function in the center stage Meanwhile I do think TED the center stage does facilitate people's new ideas spreading around us.I appreciate and learn a lot from their talking.
    I also agree what Fritzie Reisner said:there are uncorrected erroneous information there.
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    Mar 5 2013: Right now, I would have to say no. There are scientists who give talks, of course, but they do not typically get involved much in interacting with those who comment online on their talks. They likely do interact with those who attend the conferences.

    In Conversations there are some science and pseudoscience interested or invested people, certainly, but I can think of only one life-scientist (in the medical field) and no physical scientists who participate regularly in TED Conversations. This leaves a lot of uncorrected erroneous information.

    As you mention science museums, do look at the websites for San Francisco's Exploratorium and for Lawrence Hall of Science for what interactive science museums can do in the way of engaging the public online about valid scientific information and expertise.