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Using IT to Establish an Automated and Transparent Governance System

Our modern human civilization greatly relies on technologies, to automate and simplify its daily activities. As we all witness the benefits of technological advancements in our day-to-day life, I prefer to skip my introduction about technologies and directly present the primary context of my message ‘Using Information Technology (IT) to Establish an Automated and Transparent Governance System’.

Well, the current governance system across the globe is mostly managed through traditional methods with human involvement. Certainly, there is an immense scope to simply and automate governance activities using IT.

For example, let us imagine a scenario of laying new roads in an area. Here are a few high-level strategies on how we can automate the overall execution of this project using IT.
1. Let there be an online e-governance portal.
2. The portal includes a service request form to lay roads.
3. A people co-ordinator submits the request, on behalf of local residents.
4. Information about start and end dates of the project, its budget, and contact details of key government representatives are published on the portal.
5. Roads are laid successfully.
6. The people co-ordinator shares a consolidated feedback from local residents about the quality of laid roads. This feedback is collected through digital signatures from all local residents and will be auto-forwarded to Senior Government officials.
a. Positive feedback increases the popularity of the government team. To appreciate the quality of service, an incentive can be awarded to the government team (in different phases during the warranty period of roads).
b. Continuous negative feedback will result in salary deduction for government officials. This will force them to plan corrective actions with immediate effect and provide a good quality of service.
******End of Example******
Did you come across any similar transparent e-governance projects in your country? Look forward to your response!

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    Mar 6 2013: I've got a similar idea but, why have salary. Everything can be so automated that you can be compensated instantly for any contribution. People can work harder or smarted to bring their wealth up based on supply and demand. There will always only be one of you and sixty seconds in a minute, if everyone wants what you can offer your value increases.
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    Mar 7 2013: i got a similar idea.... check this out...
    sensors instead of manual work

    keeping an automatic sensor to switch on & off street lights instead of manual work... by updates of sunlight and by this thing many villages and small towns can get street lights for many years without depending on the government again and again