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where is the public outrage to the sequester

The sequester has arrived and cuts are now being announced but there is no public outrage ... why? Political gamesmanship has now taken center stage. The administration has released thousands of illegals back into the US public domain. Cuts made to airline safety. This occured immediately.

What if we looked at the Executive staff .. all 2000 of them. Thomas Jefferson had a messenger and a secretary. Execpt for secretaries almost all of the positions are duplicartes of existing cabnets, departments, and agencies. Get on the web and look at executive csars .. yep there is a list.

How about if we went to the OMB site that evaluates existing programs. WWW.expectmore.gov. This was set up by Bush but now has the following header. "This is historical material, "frozen in time."
"The web site is no longer updated and links to external web sites and some internal pages will not work." There are four pages of dysfunctional programs that are being funded and have been determined as "ineffective".

We currently barrow 40% of the money to fund our budget. Our debits have exceeded our GDP (income) why is there no outrage?

Why are our leaders (all) off campaigning, playing golf, vacationing, etc .... working their normal three day week. We are in deep dodo and our politicians do not seem to care as long as they get their way. The US Elite. It is good to be royality.

We should be upset ... offended ... outraged ..... So why aren't we?


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  • Mar 6 2013: Many don't fully understand wha will occur over time! The problem is that Congress has lost their will to compromise. No one in Congress wants to make the tough decisions for fear of losing their jobs i.e. not getting re-elected. Leading is not a popularity contest! Leader's need to make decisions based upon facts, as much as can be provided, intuition and sense for what is right for the country. Sequestration will affect many jobs but not the politicans! They should all not get paid until they come to some tough decisions are made. In fact we should lock them in a room and tell them they can't come out, or get paid, until decsions are reached! This would make something happen rather than usual blame game!
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      Mar 9 2013: The sad draw back of democracy right? We have leaders more concerned with gaining power, not what they will do with it. It's not even that they are blatantly corrupt with the power. They do nothing except point the finger at the other guy, and hope the ad hominem bug bites their constituents.

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