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where is the public outrage to the sequester

The sequester has arrived and cuts are now being announced but there is no public outrage ... why? Political gamesmanship has now taken center stage. The administration has released thousands of illegals back into the US public domain. Cuts made to airline safety. This occured immediately.

What if we looked at the Executive staff .. all 2000 of them. Thomas Jefferson had a messenger and a secretary. Execpt for secretaries almost all of the positions are duplicartes of existing cabnets, departments, and agencies. Get on the web and look at executive csars .. yep there is a list.

How about if we went to the OMB site that evaluates existing programs. WWW.expectmore.gov. This was set up by Bush but now has the following header. "This is historical material, "frozen in time."
"The web site is no longer updated and links to external web sites and some internal pages will not work." There are four pages of dysfunctional programs that are being funded and have been determined as "ineffective".

We currently barrow 40% of the money to fund our budget. Our debits have exceeded our GDP (income) why is there no outrage?

Why are our leaders (all) off campaigning, playing golf, vacationing, etc .... working their normal three day week. We are in deep dodo and our politicians do not seem to care as long as they get their way. The US Elite. It is good to be royality.

We should be upset ... offended ... outraged ..... So why aren't we?


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    Gail . 50+

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    Mar 6 2013: What good would outrage do me? Even if we were all outraged, nothing meaningful would be done. Laws would be passed, but they would contain intentional loop holes benefiting those who have bought our politicians at our expense. My voice is meaningless because, according to SOTUS, money is a guaranteed free speech right for those pieces of paper (corporate charters) who have been elevated to citizenship status in spite of a Constitutional ban on their doing so. I am the enemy of my government - and we all know on some level that we all are.

    If we were to be willing to restore a Constitutional Republic (which we are not), these would not be issues. We would again be communities working for our common survival. But we have no communities any more. Distrust and bad laws have destroyed them. An educational system that teaches outright provable lies about how government is supposed to work makes things more difficult. That same educational system that produces functionally uneducated people with low self-esteem makes it even more difficult. That the educational system is state-sponsored, existing with the intent to turn people into commodities - which they have done successfully - is deplorable. What you see is EVIDENCE of that - a symptom of a very grave and deadly social illness.

    Now speaking of politicians. How is it that incumbents won so many seats in our recent election? Why do people think that THEIR representative or THEIR party is the only good one - worthy of reelection, while the other 531 should be booted out of office if their constituents weren't so stupid as to not know that?

    Pat, Anger and outrage would be wasted energy. I think that I'm not alone in thinking this.

    We are allowing ourselves to be held hostage. Any fix will destroy the economy upon which our survival depends. So to be outraged is to further jeopardize our lives.

    Which is why I encourage people to learn how to manifest their needs (per Jesus) B4 letting the economy fail.

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