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Campaign to get the UN to offer training to livestock owners and landowners in Allan Savory's Holistic Management techniques.

The biggest challenge in implementing Allan's ideas and methods is to get livestock owners and land managers to take up these ideas. To my knowledge Allan's TED talk might be the biggest platform this method and idea has ever had.
Allan and Holistic Management International have a huge amount of resources and teaching methods that they have developed to help people implement this very simple solution. Much of this is documented in Allan's two books as well as other material. However they would not appear to be especially well funded and the cost of the training is reasonably high.
The TED community has the opportunity to ride on the back of the interest this talk will hopefully spark and start a campaign get the UN and other large bodies to offer funding to Savory's organizations to train trainers. Currently the cost of training for Holistic Management International's Certified Educator Training Program is $7,700 which is comprehensive. According to the website there are only 19 approved mentors for this program.
The world is in desperate need of thousands of these educators who are able to spread the word and the ideas in their localities.
The cost of training 10,000 educators in this program would be $77,000,000. On a world scale this is nothing, but the impact these trainers would have would be incredibly far reaching and an extremely efficient use of money.

This is the biggest platform that THe Savory method has ever had and the if the TED community is able to in some way act on this, the results could potentially be astonishing!

Any ideas?


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    Mar 13 2013: I have waited a couple of weeks after returning from TEDActive to write this post. I had hoped that my feelings of intense disappointment and disillusionment would dissipate, but they haven't. Would someone please explain the selection of Allan Savory for a TEDTalk, knowing that he had systematically exterminated 40,000 majestic elephants, as a result of his incorrect hypothesis? He did not even consider minimizing his recklessness by testing his theory on a much smaller population, in a smaller area. He removed native people from their land, destroyed 40,000 elephants and THEN discovered he was wrong. How can this barbarian be invited to speak at TED?!

    Additionally, Mr. Savory’s newest hair brained hypothesis flies in the face of widely accepted research about the root causes of desertification - including global warming, short-sighted over-planting, feeding methane releasing livestock instead of adopting vegetarianism, and deforestation.

    I am a foster mother to a couple of orphaned baby elephants at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Both of them were rescued after having witnessed poachers murder their mothers for their tusks. Some of the orphans die of grief. The ones who survive are greeted and surrounded in a literal circle of love by the other orphans, trunk to tail. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is the only organization that releases orphaned elephants back into the wild. After two years of care, they are ready to return to the African wilderness. The Sheldrick graduates send a subterranean message to each other, and then arrive from miles away to “pick up” the newest member of the herd.

    If Allan Savory feels any guilt for his grievous crime against nature, he can help -http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust. It is my fervent hope that the TED organizers would choose to invite real humanitarians like Dr. Daphne Sheldrick, Dr. Jane Goodall, Ric O'Barry - Dolphin Project, Dr. Con Slobodchikoff, among others. Please add to the list - I will be happy to forward it.
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      Mar 13 2013: It is clear that in the couple of weeks waiting, you did not bother to read any of the 700+ comments on the talk. If you had you realize that being a foster mother to a couple of orphaned baby elephants is nothing compared to what he is doing.

      You should thank him, because if not for his work your elephants would likely grow up only knowing a hard life in a desert.

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