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Food and restaurant industry and their role in increasing obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Recent news on television brings to the attention of public the role of food additives in hyperactivity as well as the increase in diagnosis of diabetes 2 and obesity. While there is so much talk on obesity and diabetes 2 becoming the next epidemic no one is addressing all the salt and sugar in canned food and in restaurant food. Even milk contains corn syrup. How can we fight the contamination of food itself with increased use of sugar, salt, additives, and pesticides?


Closing Statement from Lalita Krishnamurthy

Thanks to the contribution of everyone and some great input. I believe that educating children in the art of eating and art of selecting the foods accompanied with moderation and exercise is one methodology that can help contain two growing problems.....diabetes and obesity. In addition guiding children to develop healthy social life styles, and teaching them coping skills against the incessant stressors in modern life is equally important.

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    Apr 2 2011: I think a distinction has to be made between restaurants, and commercialized restaurants. Worldwide chefs are realizing that food is an experience, and part of the experience is the incorporation of fresh, local ingreidents into food, proper portion size, etc. This group of culinary pioneers is making good food more accessable, healthier and more genuine. But we still have the problem of Wal-Mart and McDonalds and other chian restaurants that sell highly proccessed, unhealthy foods. Buy locally and you are less likely to get food additives and you will end up getting a much better product.
    • Apr 3 2011: Very good point, most small scale restaurants have healthier practices.
    • Apr 5 2011: I have never considered McDonalds and the likes to be restaurants. They are mess hall "food chains." I consider a restaurant to be a place that serves culinary food of quality, freshness and nutrition.

      Local restaurants could be the answer to the "chain food / obese" problem: a bottom up food revolution. However, we have to support our local businesses.

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