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Do we really care for others or just think we do?

We talk a lot about how bad the world is, what we could do to improve it. Sometimes we give money to various charitable campaigns or even take part in a project, but often ignore the sadness, loneliness or illness of our closest neighbors. How much good can be done just to give a bit of friendly conversation to someone? How many times have we dodged a homeless man on the street as we come to give money to charity? Do we act and we are engaged? or we deceive ourselves to feel good?


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    Mar 6 2013: There are various levels of caring, and if an individual is mindfully aware in him/herself, s/he will know how committed s/he is to caring. Before we can care about others, which includes respect, compassion, empathy and kindness, we need to be able to care about ourselves. We cannot give to others, something we do not have in ourselves, and if we try to do so, we may be deceiving ourselves.

    In my humble perception, "caring" doesn't have anything to do with giving money, UNLESS the giving of money for a particular cause has an underlying foundation of genuine authenticity and committment.

    If one geneuniely takes part in a project, with awareness and committment, being fully engaged in the process, one does NOT ignore the sadness, loneliness or illness on the way. Some people are genuinely engaged, and some people are not....it is a choice in each and every moment of the life experience.

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