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Do we really care for others or just think we do?

We talk a lot about how bad the world is, what we could do to improve it. Sometimes we give money to various charitable campaigns or even take part in a project, but often ignore the sadness, loneliness or illness of our closest neighbors. How much good can be done just to give a bit of friendly conversation to someone? How many times have we dodged a homeless man on the street as we come to give money to charity? Do we act and we are engaged? or we deceive ourselves to feel good?


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  • Mar 5 2013: OK you must understand for one your culture and what is the norm of it Because our "goodness" is nothing but what our own perspective of it is if you were truly "good" every dollar you'd earn would be given to charity and you would beg for your every meal because you are so generous everything is perspective never judge yourself to harshly until you think of the situation are in
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      Mar 6 2013: Hello, Instead give all my money to charity, I think that is enough give part of my earns to develop projects that help people to be self sufficient and have a goog quality of life.
      But there are things that money can not fix. E.g. there are a lot of elderly that sometimes only need someone to speak or to share a coup of coffee, undoubtedly any little bit piece of charity fix with money is good but sometimes we forget friendship, love, ... spent some time with them because is easier spent money.

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