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Do we really care for others or just think we do?

We talk a lot about how bad the world is, what we could do to improve it. Sometimes we give money to various charitable campaigns or even take part in a project, but often ignore the sadness, loneliness or illness of our closest neighbors. How much good can be done just to give a bit of friendly conversation to someone? How many times have we dodged a homeless man on the street as we come to give money to charity? Do we act and we are engaged? or we deceive ourselves to feel good?


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  • Mar 5 2013: I often think of the question too.It reminds and teaches me what means caring for others:Respecting is the root of the caring.Accepting is the branch of the caring.Being conscious is the whole quality of caring.Don't try to put your fingers into others' things,no gossiping around.

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