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What would be the objective if all were equally productive?

I'd like to explain this with a scenario, if that's alright.

You are the president of a global government. Corruption, poverty, hunger- all of the worlds problems have been eliminated. Every citizen will do what you please, ready to tackle the next global project. But what is that project? What would you have humanity do with itself?

The global community that we are, we are always pushing towards eliminating these massive, global problems- corruption, poverty, etc. What would happen if, on a theoretical level, these goals were accomplished? What would man do with himself, if he was uncorrupt?


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    Mar 6 2013: Big problem itself is if human kind doesn't know what to do when is free or has no basic necessities. There are a lot of fields to work: Tech, health, family life, amusement, discover the earth and universe... etc everything that makes us live better and be happier have place in a project.

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