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What would be the objective if all were equally productive?

I'd like to explain this with a scenario, if that's alright.

You are the president of a global government. Corruption, poverty, hunger- all of the worlds problems have been eliminated. Every citizen will do what you please, ready to tackle the next global project. But what is that project? What would you have humanity do with itself?

The global community that we are, we are always pushing towards eliminating these massive, global problems- corruption, poverty, etc. What would happen if, on a theoretical level, these goals were accomplished? What would man do with himself, if he was uncorrupt?

  • Mar 5 2013: What?
    As Sunil said below, "I guess it is time for war and time to create problems........"
    Are you kidding me or are you being facetious?
    If you are serious, then please, find another planet to go live on and destroy.
    Are you so brainwashed that you actually believe if we created a world in which we had eliminated all these
    nightmarish problems, so that people could live in peace, safety, enjoying all their days until they die, enjoy one another, children, growing, playing, learning, teaching, singing and so on,
    that what we would then need is a fucking war!!
    You are this brain-trained, that you believe we MUST CONTINUE THAT after working so hard to eliminate it?

    Man.....kind, which would be a name that finally fits, would continue much of what we do today, I imagine.
    We need to eat, defecate, learn, study, listen, watch, participate, make, build, refine, play and so on. Just as we do now, but without all the 'other' bad things.
    We would have problems and we would work at solving the.
    Enjoying life, peace, which is what everyone right now wants, works for and wants to do and somehow
    if we had that, many say they wouldn't like it.
    Something must be wrong with them.
  • Mar 5 2013: I guess if there are no problems, it is time for war and time to create problems and spend millions of dollars in trying to save the world once again. Hasn't this been our behavior even since Man evolved?
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      Mar 5 2013: That's something I hadn't thought if... Setting the humans to the task of completely understanding their own mind would unlock so many possibilities.
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    Mar 22 2013: ..
    My Answer:

    The “objective” is to make more "a-step-better"s
    for keeping our DNA alive.

    Or, there will be no happiness in the world.

    (For details, see the 1st article, point 2(2), at
  • Mar 15 2013: People would be able to express their intelligence, creativity and love.
    Keegan, I'd like to get the questions to you for my book on how global youth are transforming our future. Can you email me
    gkimball at Many thanks.
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    Mar 6 2013: Big problem itself is if human kind doesn't know what to do when is free or has no basic necessities. There are a lot of fields to work: Tech, health, family life, amusement, discover the earth and universe... etc everything that makes us live better and be happier have place in a project.
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    Mar 6 2013: You are talking about freedom

    The problem with freedom is that there has to be a goal, freedom with no goal causes lots of trouble, the one thing you can count on from humans is that they have to have problems. If you doubt me try solving a person's problems and see what happens. No matter what solution you come up with they will respond that that won't work because blah blah blah. One trick is to ask them what can you do about that problem, all of a sudden they will have the answer.

    You see this is life and people want to live, so let them...
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    Mar 5 2013: explore the universe. that is our true drive, not solving problems. problems are just holding us back.