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Man is the subject of all major religions. Why?

Certainly man is unique. But so are any other creature in their own way. Are we blindsided by our domination of nature or are humans really the culmination of creation?

Is there merit to the belief that the universe was created for man? After all almost everyone acts like it is.


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    Mar 9 2013: I think humans were given all that is needed (lifespan, resources, body, knowledge, etc) for them to perform the roles they were assigned.

    Humans (and all other creatures and objects) are also assigned different amounts of power or authority. I don't know about other creatures, but many humans abuse this power. Sometimes they have to deal with the consequences (and pay the price or reap what was sown) right away, sometimes later.

    Many humans may neglect their role(s), may deny the knowledge (in the Book(s)), or may misuse the resources they were given, but no one (human or other) misses (or escapes) an assigned point for each (and all) of them when it is no longer possible for them to personally change their "resume".

    There are assigned laws which ensure keeping (and restoration of) balance of life of all objects and creatures in the universe and of the universe itself. Many laws are mandatory, but it is optional for humans whether to enforce some of them or not. Again, the consequences must be dealt with right away or later.

    That is what I think according to what I know (so far), which is very little. (Also, I'm fully committed to my beliefs, especially my religious beliefs.)

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