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Man is the subject of all major religions. Why?

Certainly man is unique. But so are any other creature in their own way. Are we blindsided by our domination of nature or are humans really the culmination of creation?

Is there merit to the belief that the universe was created for man? After all almost everyone acts like it is.


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    Mar 5 2013: There are really only two options; 1) We & the universe are a cosmic accident or 2) We are a special creation by a superior being. Of those in the 2) camp, most believe we have some sort of relationship with the superior being which other creatures lack.
    I believe we are God's children, & the universe was created for us. That is why we are central to most major religions.

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      Mar 6 2013: False dichotomy for starters.

      Those may be the only 2 explanations you can think of. I can think of others, and the truth might be something none of us have imagined.

      E.g. There could have been a committee of creator beings. No reason to assume one.
      Why assume a being. Could be some unconscious force.

      And then we get into the loop was the superior being a cosmic accident or brute fact or created.

      While 1 and 2 are options, we really are looking at this from a position of great ignorance.

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