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US Foreign Aid

John Kerry immediately decided to give more money to Egypt and Syria. The US currently gives 17.8 billion for military assistance and 31.7 billion for economic assistance and now another 310 million to Egypt and Syria. These are not the only give aways the US provides. We give almost 80% of the operating costs o the UN ... and the list goes on.

The US has officially passed the ratio of debit to GDP (into the negative), Businesses are laying off at a record pace, business are going bankrupt, we are on the very edge of inflation and depression and yet continue spending and enlarging the government.

At what point should the US concentrate on OUR economy and the welfare of the US citizens.

The US has not reaped any rewards for the years of give away money to countries ... most of which hate the US ... Our "buy a buddy" foriegn policy has never made sense .... is it time to evaluate our policies?

People will make the argument that kids will suffer ... after 20 years of give aways they are still suffering .... The weapons used in the Bengasi killings were identified as some of the ones the CIA gave away.

As we look at all sorts of cliffs .... party line politics ..... the media and political finger pointing game ..... and yet we continue to barrow money from China that we cannot even afford to pay the interest on ...

Is it time to heal our selves?


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    Mar 6 2013: Yes

    Isn't barrow is spelled borrow? Unless of course you are talking about a male pig castrated before maturity? Not to grammar nanny you but I have seen you misspell this word before.
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      Mar 6 2013: Spelin are no my goot thng. Glad you read the replies and get the idea of what I mean not what I spelet.

      Thanks I need all the help I can get ... in many areas.


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