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How attached are you to your deeply held beliefs? If solutions to global problems challenge your worldview, how do you react?

Allan Savory's recent TED Talk introduced an unlikely and politically incorrect solution to reversing global desertification and climate change with the use of livestock as a tool, and different decision making.

Well-meaning laws, bureaucracies, and activists at the mercy of public opinion have stifled this work from moving forward on a large scale in the US. Belief systems and the fear of being wrong often prohibits change.

How do you respond to ideas that challenge your belief system? How do we stop our paradigms and prejudices from unfairly shaping decision making, and allowing us to take real risks for lasting change? What's your reaction to cows helping save the world? What idea have you believed and been completely wrong?


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    Mar 5 2013: Linda! I havent' seen you forever!!! Good question!

    One of my underlying worldviews is to evolve as an individual, while contributing to the whole, so I cannot imagine how solutions to global problems would ever challenge my worldview! Solutions to global challenges are very much a part of my worldview....how lucky is that??? LOL:>)

    I perceive life as an adventurous exploration, so "fear of being wrong" is not part of my experience or world view. I agree with you, however, that fear of being wrong often DOES get in the way of change.

    With the idea of life as an adventure/exploration, I LOVE challenges to my existing belief system. How else could I learn and grow, if not considering new information all the time?

    How do we stop paradigms and prejudices from shaping decision making, or preventing change?
    Realize that we are limiting ourselves by insisting on staying "in the box" of conventional wisdom:>)

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