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Why not have schools and universities ALL OVER THE WORLD where you can pick and choose only the subjects that you are interested in?

According to my knowledge, very few schools and universities have the option of learning whatever you are interested in.
So, for example:
If a person wants to do an English language course for his / her UG, why must he / she learn all the Science subjects in high school. Wont it be better if they concentrate on that instead of distracting their minds with too much to study? Wont just the basic Sciences be enough?
And if we take English Literature, why should we learn Shakespeare's work in detailed? His works are lovely, no doubt, but isn't that a little too much to study? When a person, who loves writing poems and stories and doesn't like critical analyses of works, wants do do his/her undergraduate studies in poetry writing and story/essay writing, why must he / she go into the depth of Literature? Also that person might want to do a degree in Mathematics at the same time. so why not let them choose the courses and subjects? So he / she could get a degree in the both English writing and Mathematics?

I have always wondered why this kind of freedom is not given to the students. Comments, ideas and suggestions are most welcome!!


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  • Mar 18 2013: Dear Mr. Curt,
    Thank you for your reply! Through the question I asked, I don't mean to say that we should have knowledge only in the field we want to pursue. Yes, it is understood that one cannot do without knowing other subjects too. So, what I mean to say is that, we could not concentrate mainly on the subject we want to learn and just know the basics of the other subjects.

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