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If it is Impossible to reach true zero Temperature and Vacuum then it is Impossible to prove real zero.

Having that been said, Absolute zero in math doesn't Exist ? So zero is -0 +0 have to exist doesn't this prove more?

Closing Statement from Steven Walters

So we can change zero ( Depends on spin and is zero Positive or Negative) Gives a whole new meaning to PI

  • Mar 6 2013: oh hey btw they actually produced negative temperatures bellow 0 kelvin it's Crazy! here's the link :)
  • Mar 5 2013: Well if Absolute zero is Impossible then our math is Wrong there is -0 on a number line +0 on the same number line not just Absolute 0 , Then Instead of Absolute 0 then, there should be a Infinity or a different symbol for absolute (0). This be why on a Quantum level we can't work through all the problems ( like Gravity)!
  • Mar 6 2013: If zero point can help in the understanding of The unified Theory. I feel that zero and a Singularity of a Black hole is Unified Theory is one same. ( So Above So Below )
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    Mar 5 2013: Thermodynamic methods cannot remove 100% of the energy from a material sample. That is why we cannot reach Absolute Zero. Kinetic Energy remains in the sample and becomes a Quantum (sub-atomic) Physics issue. In math where the position of a numeral indicates multiples in that assigned value, zero means "this multiple has no units". Zero is located half-way between +1 and -1. What do you mean by the term, "real zero"? Many people think (wrongly) that "zero" is same as "nothing". In math zero is an actual quantity, a real unit of measure. Remember, the Roman Empire collapsed because they had no concept of zero.
    • Mar 6 2013: Quantum singularity is not Possible. But Mathematically zero point of a Black Hole? But from my understanding is Absolute zero! And if we can achieve Absolute zero we can Create a black hole.
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        Mar 6 2013: Your subject is evolving away from the original post about zero. You say you have an idea that since we cannot achieve Absolute Zero (100% absence of Heat) AND cannot achieve a Perfect Vacuum (100% absence of Matter) then we cannot prove "real zero". That is not true. The concept of zero is no more difficult to grasp than the concept of four. Black Holes do not play a part in understanding and proving zero.
  • Mar 5 2013: About a century ago a Princeton professor thought the soul weighed more than 20 grams
    Isn't that more interesting? I was always satisfied that the Arabs really invented zero or was it the Indians. Smart people a long time ago. I don't completely understand your point.