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Reduce Congressional Representation

Our next general election each state should vote for only 4 representatives to Congress. All those currently in office would run against each other for the selection of 4 persons from each state. These 200 persons will be able to make healthy and visionary decisions that our present over 500 congress persons cannot. We would reduce our government operations cost by trillions over ten years. We would "furlough" all the congressional persons and their staffs that do not win the proposed election. The Supreme Court could make the deciision to call for the special election without the interference from Congress or the Senate, we would be back in the decision making business by next January. Our country cannot continue to survive with such indecisive leadership from the Democrats and Republicans, our first and foremost reduction in spending is by eliminating the cog in the wheel.


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    Mar 5 2013: So you believe in an oligarchy government - tyranny by the few over the will of the people - which is what government by a supreme court is. That's already the case and it hasn't worked yet. SOTUS supports the unlawful government that we have now, and it gave ITSELF the power to rule over congress. Look a the Citizens United decision that cemented in place the right of big businesses to silence your voice by granting pieces of paper (corporate charters) citizenship, and money the constitutional "free speech" that these pieces of paper are now entitled to.

    The need for the Congressional idiots to travel to DC to conduct business is gone. Technology allows all the e-meetings that anyone needs. Imagine the savings in travel expenses alone. When our government was formed, it would take weeks to get from New Hampshire to DC. If California had been in existence, it would have taken months. Today, needs are different. If we could get the thieves to have all meetings relating to their jobs made public, then you would either see change, or congress operating from jail cells.

    I personally would like to see a Constitutional Republic returned to us. Then the USA would be nothing more than the treaty organization that it is supposed to be.

    I don't think that you have thought this issue our especially well.
    • Mar 5 2013: I was only intending for the Supreme Court to call a special General Election in 2013 so our voters could vote 200 respresentatives in and "furlough" the rest and their staffs. I don't want the Supreme Court to have more power than our representatives decisions. I like your idea of giving our Reps a computer (They have one anyway and free taxpayer internet access for themselves and their staff)and having them work from their home state, the travel savings would be unbelievable and all actions would be a matter of public record. Please continue to give me more information on your thoughts and your method/process to address sthe flagrant waste of taxpayers money. I feel like the carpet baggers are taking over..

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