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Reduce Congressional Representation

Our next general election each state should vote for only 4 representatives to Congress. All those currently in office would run against each other for the selection of 4 persons from each state. These 200 persons will be able to make healthy and visionary decisions that our present over 500 congress persons cannot. We would reduce our government operations cost by trillions over ten years. We would "furlough" all the congressional persons and their staffs that do not win the proposed election. The Supreme Court could make the deciision to call for the special election without the interference from Congress or the Senate, we would be back in the decision making business by next January. Our country cannot continue to survive with such indecisive leadership from the Democrats and Republicans, our first and foremost reduction in spending is by eliminating the cog in the wheel.


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    Mar 5 2013: Right now we have one Senator for every 2.7 million citizens. And one Representative for every 621,000 citizens. You advocate reducing the Representative ratio to 1 per 1.35 million citizens? The cost of operating the House of Representatives is a drop in our debt bucket. If fiscal improvement is your goal you should acquire a new target. May I suggest dismantling the Federal Reserve System (which is not Federal and has zero Reserves);balancing the budget; and returning to the gold standard? Thank you for your relevant post!
    • Mar 5 2013: Thank you for your response, I doubt the cost of respresentation by Congress is a drop in the bucket. Have you had an oil painting done lately? All these "famous" representatives feel $20,000 per pop is a necessary tax payer item. As Old Ben Frankliln stated " a penny saved is a penny earned". The gold standard is also a very good idea. We have to start somewhere and beginning small is Ok as we can make more furloughs in the future.
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        Mar 5 2013: I did not say Congress was not a source of shameful extravagance and monumental waste. I said the money spent operating Congress is a small percentage of the tax bill Americans (who pay taxes) pay each year. If you want to save money there are far better ways. Eliminating the entire budget of the House of Representatves would save each taxpayer about $6.00 on this tear's taxes. Perhaps your problem with the oil paintings and such is not rooted in dollar costs.

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