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What are other ways we can take an astonishing solution (livestock) to reverse climate change (once caused by that very solution)?

Allan Savory took the unthinkable idea of using the "problem" to solve the problem, using livestock to reverse the desertification once caused by the livestock itself. Is it possible to use fossil fuels to reverse greenhouse gasses? How about fertilizers to reduce water nitrification? Do you think these solutions are possible?


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    Mar 5 2013: Let's be clear on the difference between charcoal and coal.

    If it's purification you're looking for.....

    Take a looksee at what was accomplished with biochar on slag a few years ago. Turn slag into soil.


    We have a lot of beetle kill and we need to capture that carbon before it goes back into the atmosphere with a big forest fire. A 5% biochar addition to mulch yielded exceptional results at the Hope mine (the youtube link). There was also an impressive study done for the Biosphere project where the air was purified using a "filter" of 3 cubic meters of dirt.
    • Mar 5 2013: I had never heard of biochar before, but it seems like a sustainable solution, tackling both soil fertility and carbon pollution. Is this a realistic solution to implement on a larger scale? The few research plots they are testing seem pretty small. Also, is this product available for homeowners to improve their lawn/garden fertility, while knowingly or unknowingly improving the environment at the same time?

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