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What are other ways we can take an astonishing solution (livestock) to reverse climate change (once caused by that very solution)?

Allan Savory took the unthinkable idea of using the "problem" to solve the problem, using livestock to reverse the desertification once caused by the livestock itself. Is it possible to use fossil fuels to reverse greenhouse gasses? How about fertilizers to reduce water nitrification? Do you think these solutions are possible?


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    Mar 5 2013: Thank you for posting the link to that fascinating and important video.

    As an American, I can speak as one. In America, the most watched (by far) news channel is FOX. Every time the grave threat of global warming is mentioned, there is a refusal to discuss how this will impact us no matter who or what is causing it. Viewers are never told that this will impact the ability of Americans to survive - just as it has impacted other parts of the world. Most people don't know that much of the USA is really a desert, and that the desert is growing as quickly as the glaciers in Glacier National Park are melting.

    I am stunned that the national conversation is limited to what is to blame (Nature or man) and it never turns to what it means to our survival, regardless of who or what is causing it. There is a large block of Americans who believe that they and their families will be raptured before hunger and thirst enters their own homes. Because of this, they refuse to even acknowledge the threat. Those who are not raptured deserve what they will get (their thinking), so there is no need to limit any damage or even conserve (which is odd for those who call themselves conservatives).

    My question is one of how we can get this message heard without having billions of dollars to buy air-time on those networks that will allow such a video to be aired.
    • Mar 5 2013: I think the first step is moving away from what you pointed out- the argument about what/who is to blame, and instead move towards acceptance. For even those who do not believe we are the cause of it, or even that the problem is something so dangerous it deserves the name of Global Warming, cannot deny that our earth is in need of some help. (Or maybe that's just me being hopeful?) If we got the help of big companies making big moves (not necessarily big sacrifices), taking social responsibility, maybe more people would follow. There are facets to a solution out there, like this live stock strategy, that are making real change, that if we did even minimal reporting on it on stations like FOX, do you think more people would begin to believe that there is hope for meaningful change and sustainability?
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        Mar 5 2013: Absolutely. FOX news aficionados are good little sheeple. They will say, do, and believe whatever they are told to - as long as they can link it to someone to hate or something to fear. (Preferably, how the Democrats caused something to fear)
        • Mar 5 2013: Is it possible to use bad for good? To demonize, say Democrats, in order to get people on board for sustainable change? Or would that just backfire and leave us back where we started, only with more hatred and reluctance?
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        Mar 5 2013: No, because as soon as you inflame Democrats with lies, they will react in equally childish ways. That's how political leaders convince the people to vote for the continuation of the corruption. Both sides have sheeple who follow their fears. The American educational system exists in order to teach people how to NOT-think, and our fiscal system rewards sheeple for being sheeple.

        We need to think outside of the box.
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        Mar 6 2013: FOX News (shown in the attached link as FNC (Fox News Corp) is consistently the most highly watched news-type program in America in every time slot. You certainly can't expect popular CBS Sit-coms to have in-depth discussions about these types of things.


        (Here is a rundown for 3/4 - but all rundowns for the past couple of years show the same thing. Numbers are showing thousands of viewers.)

        FNC 1,195
        CNN 362
        MSNBC 470
        CNBC 159
        FBN 68
        HLN 439

        FNC 2,182
        CNN 545
        MSNBC 893
        CNBC 134
        FBN 70
        HLN 638

        Net Morning programs (6-9 AM)
        FNC FOX & Friends 1,152
        CNN Early Start/Starting Point 193
        MSNBC Morning Joe 397
        CNBC Squawk Box 174
        HLN Morning Express w/ Meade 282

        FOX (FNC) certainly is the main-stream news media that they complain so bitterly about.

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