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Developed world is interested in ensuring Developing world grows & Poverty levels come down.

Most of the Developed countries GDP growth rates is less than 1% and certain Wealthier countries in Europe are registering a negative population growth rate.

Only counties which have a GDP growth rate of more than 4% are developing countries and these countries also have a good population growth rates.

Most of the Patents & Trade marks (IP rights) are controlled by Developed countries which have to put to use and cash generated. These can be put to use and cash generated only in Developing countries (as Developed world is Saturated).

Bottom of Pyramid population (which is 4 billion people or more than 40% of total world population) which can be served (in developing countries) which would make economic sense for Corporations in Developed world to serve.

If these 4 billion people (taken from Wikipedia) are not taken care of there would be instability unpredictable and anarchy which Developed world would not be comfortable with.


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  • Mar 5 2013: Western model is not at fault. Citizens of Developed world need to be informed that there is a great business opportunity in serving 4 billion people at Bottom of the pyramid.
    This business opportunity is better than - business of Creating and Fighting wars in Developing world.

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