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If you have a talent or ability, is it wrong to not use it?

I have a many skills and talents. Some were innate, and some were gained through painful effort. I do not have a desire for money or fame. I'm content playing my music in the comfort of my home, or writing poetry and fiction for myself. Because of this I find myself repeatedly having conversations with my friends concerning my "need" to do something with it. They tell me "it's a shame" to keep my talents to myself. Is it? And if I gave up playing music, for example, why would that be considered as some sort of crime? If you have a talent, should you feel obligated to share it with the world?


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    Mar 6 2013: You are free.
    Do what you like, they way you like it.
    Do not hurt anybody on the way.
    • Mar 7 2013: absolutely agree about this sentence
      just do it, its your life....

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