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If you have a talent or ability, is it wrong to not use it?

I have a many skills and talents. Some were innate, and some were gained through painful effort. I do not have a desire for money or fame. I'm content playing my music in the comfort of my home, or writing poetry and fiction for myself. Because of this I find myself repeatedly having conversations with my friends concerning my "need" to do something with it. They tell me "it's a shame" to keep my talents to myself. Is it? And if I gave up playing music, for example, why would that be considered as some sort of crime? If you have a talent, should you feel obligated to share it with the world?


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  • Mar 6 2013: NO not at all there's nothing wrong with doing nothing with your talents but if your asking if it "morally" right to me i would say no Just think if Einstein decided to go with another dream and open a restaurant i feel like you should do your best to push your abilities to the limits in the direction you are best suited for i mean it's not required you do so but the truth is unless you do that you will simply fade away into time and never be a though again every idea and though you ever had if it be good or bad will never have any weight upon anybody and everything you ever were disappears like waves upon a beach
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      Mar 6 2013: Einstein said if he could do it again, he would have been a plumber. It's an interesting thought.

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