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Should drugs be allowed for anyone with a terminal illness, permanently disabled and/or over the age of 65?

My mom works at Lorient Nursing Home in the corridor for people who are dying. A man who had both legs amputated was kicked out for sneaking marijuana into his room and getting high. The man lives in a small room with a TV, his thoughts and another sickly patient who moans constantly. No one comes to visit; his family dumped him there. A few other patients mentioned desires to have drugs available to make life easier and I know some older individuals who do not have illnesses but simply want to transcend their now dependent physical status.

Maybe I'm missing some risks or being to broad in who should be able to use drugs. Outline any relevant dangers this could pose and share your thoughts! I think this is an interesting topic, because as crazy as this seems, I truly believe if our elderly got high more often, they'd have useful ideas and create a new feel for what it's like to become "old". I think having centers where the elderly got high and had conversations, massages, learning, mental exercises, etc, would be epic. Let me know if this is a dumb idea!!!

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    Apr 2 2011: why not simply legalize all drugs for everyone? victimless crime is not a crime.
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      Apr 2 2011: I completely agree. I still have no idea why drugs are illegal other than, as Nicholas said below, medical companies need to sell their legal drugs too. I think people's negative views on drugs come when really dumb people can't use them correctly and become lazy or do something incredibly stupid (John Lennon's killer was on Acid a lot).
      I do think synthetic or addictive drugs like cocaine or meth should be legalized though. I think natural drugs (Marijuana, Magic Mushrooms, Peyote and DMT) should be allowed.
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    Apr 2 2011: No, its' not a dumb idea. I would actually go further and support Bob Marley's call for legalizing Marihuana, as it is already done in some countries such as Switzerland and the Netherlands.
    We sell alcohol and cigarettes freely on the market, knowingly putting a significant burden on our health care systems. Compared to that, I would think that marihuana would be a tiny problem, if any at all. We also would bring it out of illegality and so solve or at least alleviate a lot of related problems as well.
    It's like alcohol during the prohibition which provided a great playing ground for criminal organizations.
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      Apr 2 2011: Good points! The issue is the same with alcohol; not everyone is prepared to handle drugs, but I think the categories I wanted to would have so much more benefits with marijuana than downsides. And you are completely right; the health risks of weed are significantly smaller than cigarettes: no cancer, natural, not addictive, great for relieving pain and increasing mental awareness. The ONLY downsides of weed are activity levels, paranoia (for those who can't handle it), and refrigerator stock levels lol
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    Apr 2 2011: I am going to take a step forward and say legalize all drugs that way even the more powerful ones can be regulated. With regulations come further test, understanding, and clean preparations of the drug.

    The fact marijuana is illegal and alcohol is legal is pretty idiotic and makes me question a lot about our system. In my understanding of how incorporated America has become, marijuana posses a threat to a lot of different industries. A major one being of medicines! Marijuana would definitely replace a good amount of legal drugs and alcohol and cigarettes sales would go down.

    So yes to your question, with no debate.
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    Apr 1 2011: IMO. anyone. drugs are choice to be used, as is anything else which does not directly hurt someone.

    to sit there and tell an adult that "No!, you cannot put that in your mouth and enjoy that. its wrong." is crazy talk.

  • Apr 1 2011: 65 may look old from where you are standing, but from here it looks like the prime of life!
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      Apr 1 2011: Yes, I'm only 20, and I love your attitude on life at your age! Guess you wouldn't be needed any supplements to stay on a good vibe :)