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What is mankinds relationship with the rest of the living creatures on earth?

Lions are the top predator on the savanna. Krill are essentially the fuel that run the marine food chain. Insects and birds pollinate plants. Bacteria and fungi are the recyclers.

What kind of role do we have in relation to the ecosystems we inhabit? Do we even care since we have all become civilized?. Is man separate from all other life like many cultural beliefs suggest?


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  • Mar 17 2013: so what humans will go extinct? because even if we go beyond earth's capacity for human life we will just live on a smaller scale with less people but i believe that we will find a better and more advanced way to support our growing population because our species is very VERY hard to kill off
    • Mar 18 2013: Your question doesn't make sense. If all of a population doesn't die then there is no extinction.
      • Mar 18 2013: yes but you said "We are currently living through an extinction event. Scientist say the extinction rate is estimated anywhere between 100 to 10,000 times natural extinction rate" what does that mean?

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