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What is mankinds relationship with the rest of the living creatures on earth?

Lions are the top predator on the savanna. Krill are essentially the fuel that run the marine food chain. Insects and birds pollinate plants. Bacteria and fungi are the recyclers.

What kind of role do we have in relation to the ecosystems we inhabit? Do we even care since we have all become civilized?. Is man separate from all other life like many cultural beliefs suggest?


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  • Mar 17 2013: false spiritual egocentric societies think the world was made for humans which in fact it wasn't in any way we are just as important as the earthworms beneath our feet to the earth and i don't get what mass extinction we are living through? you mean the asteroid that killed the dinosaures?? because if it wasn't for that extinction humans would probably never have existed
    • Mar 17 2013: Yes you are correct. I'll add the majority of societies.

      We are currently living through an extinction event. Scientist say the extinction rate is estimated anywhere between 100 to 10,000 times natural extinction rate. I don't find this too very hard to believe just looking around at humanities footprint.

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